The Green Man Ray Robinson

Ray Robinson the Green Man

Ray Robinson the Green ManThe Green Man legend was born of a very unfortunate accident. In the summer of 1919, 8 year old Raymond Robinson was walking with some friends when they stopped at the Morado Bridge near Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.

Morado Bridge crossed Wallace Run, a portion of Beaver River, and was part of the Harmony Trolly Line, an electric trolly commuter service that ran from the northern suburbs into Pittsburgh.

The boys had become interested in a bird nest they had seen in a tree near the bridge and Raymond climbed up onto the side of the bridge to get a closer look.

Young Ray was electocuted when he accidentally touched a high voltage line. Miraculously he survived, but he sustained severely disfiguring injuries which remained with him for the remainder of his reclusive life.

The electrical current sent such damaging voltage through Ray’s body that he lost both of his eyes and his nose, an ear was deformed and his left arm below the elbow. His face was completely disfigured and he suffered severe burns from his waist up.

Ray lived with his family, seldom venturing out during the day. If he did he would remain on his property, walking the woods behind the house.

Eventually he began taking Nighttime walks along Rt. 351 where he would occasionally encounter others walking along, or be seen by people driving by. His disturbing countenance led to local tales in which he was referred to as Charlie No Face or the Green Man.

It is not certain where the Green Man reference originated, but may have had something to do with the clothing he wore during the 1950s and 60s, at the height of his nocturnal jaunts and subsequent sightings.

Some claimed he had an erie green glow about him, but this was hardly the case. He was not some radioactive monster from a horror film, just an unfortunate victim of a tragec accident.

Raymond Robinson apparently lived out his years in his family home in Beaver Falls, PA, eventually moving to Beaver County Geriatric Center before passing away in 1985, at the age of 74. 66 years after the date of his life-altering accident.

Sad story indeed. Ray left public school in the first grade. Can’t help but wonder what he might have done with his life if he hadn’t suffered such a disfiguring injury.

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