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This Month in PA Mystery History

Ring-Tailed Lemur drawing by Drew Vics 2017

Weird Creature in the Dogwood, a Mysterious Encounter from January 2012.
This encounter was reported by someone known only as Stacy L.
According to Stacy, she was lounging at home one sunny day in York, PA, watching TV when she noticed something strange as she glanced through the sliding glass door to the backyard of her home. A dogwood tree in the distance was shaking violently as if something very large was rattling it, more than just the wind.

She got up to take a closer look through the glass door and suddenly saw a large grey creature leap from the dogwood into a large adjacent pine tree. She described it as “rather large,” about the size of a fox. But the fox similarity stopped at the size. This creature was all grey accept for a long, thin tail with black and white striped fur.

The creature’s front section and head were lower than the rear end, as if it had shorter legs in the front and more powerful legs in the back, similar to a Kangaroo. Stacy mentions in her report that the creature was similar to a Lemur, but the tail was not bushy. The creature seemed very slim and agile like a cat.

Maybe it was a large cat on the loose, or maybe it was in fact an exotic animal, like a Ring-Tailed Lemur, escaped captivity somewhere nearby?
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