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Creepy Clown Sightings Spike in PA

Pennywise - Stephen Kings IT

Like something out of a crazy urban legend horror film, sinister clowns are walking off the silver screen and into reality on the backstreets and main drags of towns across America. Now, as we get closer to Halloween, they’re moving into Pennsylvania…

In late September York College students reported seeing other students, on and off campus, dressed as clowns. These reports included one in which a car-load of clowns was allegedly seen, and those clowns may have been carrying guns.

Pottsville Police received reports by Schuylkill County residents of two men dressed as clows who yelled at children at a playground and then sped off.

Creepy Roadside Clown Mercer, PA or Virginia?What’s going on people? Feels like we’re inside a Stephen King movie.

Penn State “Clown Hunt”
Students at Penn State University went on a clown hunt after reports of a creepy clown began circulating around campus. It was a mob of student vigilanties against an unseen adversary, since there were no eye-witnesses, just rumors of mysterious clown sightings. One student tweeted, “CLOWNS have caused riots and clown hunting at penn state this is the end.”

16 Year Old Student Stabbed to Death in Clown Mask Dispute
What was previously just rumors and creepy sightings of clowns has become all too real following the death of a 16 year old Reading high school student on the night of September 25.

The Reading Eagle reported that police found the body of 16 year old Christian Torres on the front porch of a row home in Reading following an incident in which a fight broke out with someone “wearing a clown mask” according to District Attorney John T. Adams.

Subsequent information released by police indicates that Torres was in fact the person wearing a mask, and that this generated some sort of “controversy” in the neighborhood resulting in the fight which led to the stabbing incident. The mask is reported as being similar to one seen in the film The Purge. However, according to quick research, masks in the film do not really resemble clowns.

13 YO Girl Fesses Up to Murderous Clown Threat Posts
A 13 year old girl and her accomplice have been arrested following threats made against students in Philadelphia which stirred more clown terror among local residents.

A few different Instagram accounts — phillyclown215, phillyclowns215, clown_of_philly and clownsofphilly — are attributed with clown-related Philly school posts, which could be copycat posts, but the 13 year old suspect and her freind apparently posted using phillyclowns215 and clown_of_philly.

Those accounts are responsible for posting clown images with the captions, “clown_of_philly Coming to Neuman Goretti on Monday!! Gonna shoot all the kids and teachers” as well as the phillyclowns215 threat, “the gang is in philly. (skull image) watch ya mans or you’ll get kidnapped. (skull image) The schools we’ll be at on wednesday, thursday and friday are Hopkinsin, nueva, edison, mba, spruance, and northeast hs. y’all ain’t safe. it’s 12 of us yaheard.”

It seems that we’re looking at a form of hysteria prompted by a combination of social media rumors, hype, hoaxes and maybe a few real sinister incidents involving clowns with ill intent.

As always we should exercise caution, play it safe, and avoid dangerous situations, but let’s not go beating up on people just because they happen to be dressed as a clown. The likely reason is that they are just playing a prank. So, just walk away.

However, if you suspect serious criminal activity at the hands of a clown-clad villain call the police and get yourself to safety.

Oh, and if you’ve got big enough tassels to dress as a clown this Halloween, do it right, but don’t get yourself into trouble!

And if clowns aren’t your thing, check out some of these other creepy Morphsuits Halloween costumes. This Zalgo costume is cool.

Scariest PA Haunted Halloween Attractions 2016

Reapers Revenge Clowns

My wife and I love Halloween, and we especially love creepy haunted attractions. If you’re the type who gets off on walking through haunted houses, graveyards, and haunted hayrides — while getting the crap scared out of you by zombies, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, demented clowns and chainsaw wielding maniacs — then here are your best bets for terror attractions in Pennsylvania. Planning on hitting some of these this year, maybe we’ll see you there…

Reapers Revenge Clowns

Reaper’s Revenge — Scranton, PA

As of this writing Reaper’s Revenge has the top spot with a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews. It looks to be a pretty intense thrill ride, so you’d better bring you big boy pants, or big girl pants, whatever the case may be. Some serious scares and excellent effects going on here.

“The best haunted event for the macabre, zombies, haunted houses, haunted hayrides, clowns and mazes.”

Visit their Website for more information, schedule and directions.

Location: 460 Green Grove Road, Scranton, PA 18447 (Easy access from I81.)
Phone: 570-254-8038

Pennhurst Asylum Interior

Pennhurst Asylum — Spring City, PA

An asylum is a place where they put crazy people right? Right. At Pennhurst Asylum they’re really, really CRAZY!

Test your bravery and walk the halls of the Pennhurst Asylum, the main attraction located in the upper floors of the old 1908 Administration building. The asylum attraction features many props that are actual items that were part of the original State School. Learn the Legend.

Venture into the Dungeon of Lost Souls, the Tunnel Terror, or conduct your own self-guided Ghost Hunt in the dormitory, which was featured on Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters.

Visit their Website for schedule, directions, more pics & vids

Location: Church Street and Bridge Road, Spring City, PA
Phone: 855-HAUNT-00

Field of Screams scene

Field of Screams — Mountville, PA

This place is a Horror Movie, and YOU’RE IN IT!

You’ll stumble into SIX tales of terror at Field of Screams. A Haunted Hayride at Field of Screams, PA wheels you past freakish frights and disturbing delights, plus you can become part of the murder and mayhem in the Den of Darkness, the Frightmare Asylum, Nocturnal Wasteland, the namesake Field of Screams Extreme Blackout, and run your ass off in the 5K Zombie Fun Run or get your brains eaten. No joke. Well, you may not really get your brains eaten, but you will run your ass off because it looks like these zombies will actuall do the deed.

Visit their Website for Field of Screams Hours of Operation, Field of Screams Directions, pricing and to see more disturbing horror photos of their crew in action. And check out the videos.

Location: 191 College Avenue, Mountville, PA. (Just 7.5 miles past Lancaster)
Phone: (717) 285-7748

Hotel of Horror

Hotel of Horror — Saylorsburg, PA

And The Eagles thought Hotel California was bad, they never stayed at Hotel of Horror! Ready to check in?

This three piece nightmare features the Hotel of Horror, the Altered Nightmares Dark Magic themed thrill, and Exhibition Macabre, a static trip through the history of disturbing medical devices and experiments.

Be careful if you call for room service…

Visit their Website for directions, schedule and more info.

Location: Rt 115 Cherry Valley Rd. Saylorsburg, PA
Phone: (570) 99 BEAST

The ScareHouse – Etna, PA
Ranked as one of “America’s Scariest Halloween Attractions” by Travel Channel and featured on many other TV shows, Scarehouse is created by a team of Pittsburgh area artists and builders who work year round to design and build new haunts such as The Summoning, Infernal, Nocturnia and The Basement. Enter Scarehouse, if you dare.

Visit their Website for schedule, directions and more information.

Location: 118 Locust Street Etna, PA

Eastern State Penitentiary — Terror Behind the Walls — Philadelphia, PA

Of course we can’t forget one of the longest running haunted attractions in Pennsylvania, the Eastern State Penitentiary’s Terror Behind the Walls, which has been in operation as a full blown haunted attractions since 1995. It now features six attractions: Lock Down, The Machine Shop, Detritus, Infirmary, Breakout and Quarantine 4D. See a video preview of the haunts here. Lower your speaker volume just in case.

Visit their site for schedule, directions and more information.

Location: 2027 Fairmount Avenue, Philadelphia, PA

Mysterious PA Store is Now Open

After some coding and linking, which included building some featured product categories and links, I’m happy to announce that the Mysterious PA Store is live and ready to browse. Shop books and movies related to Pennsylvania legend, lore, folklore and mysteries, including paranormal stuff like ghosts, UFO sightings and mysterious monsters. If you have any suggestions for great products please use the contact form to get in touch.

Meanwhile, start browsing, lots of great gift ideas for friends and family.

Thanks, and enjoy!