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Local company searches for the paranormal | WPMT FOX43

Baelfire Paranormal Investigations, a team run by a former police officer, John Lewis, who is also an ordained minster and demonologist, investigates ghostly hauntings and other paranormal phenomena. John boasts 20 years of paranormal investigative experience.

John is joined by Christina Lewis who is considered “the ‘sensative’ on the team,” and is “trained to listen and observe the smallest details.” She is also the teams PR person.

Other investigators on their team include Kyle Anderson, Brittany Isadore, Melissa Ireland, Melisa Elrod and Trent Rotz.

They are getting some media attention…

Local company searches for the paranormal | WPMT FOX43.

Mysterious PA

Every state has their collection of lore and legend, mysteries and myths. At Mysterious PA I’d like to delve into some of Pennsylvania’s own folklore, ghost tales, UFOs, mystery monsters and all other manner of strangeness. It’s fun sometimes, to consider that there may be something else out there, something strange, mysterious or magical.

At Mysterious PA I will explore these mysteries, paranormal or otherwise. So stay tuned.

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