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PA Halloween Haunted Attractions

Cough! Geez, I know it’s near Halloween but the cobwebs are getting thick around this place. I need to stop neglecting this website. So much going on in life right now though, especially this time of year. We’re setting up for a Halloween party which includes a “Haunted Woods” attraction in our back yard, so there has been a lot of free time going in to designing scares, making props and stuff like that.

Still, that’s no excuse for letting MysteriousPA.com slip like this. I promise to bring more to this site in the months and years ahead.

That said, let me get on with the purpose of this post. Haunted Halloween Attractions! My wife and I love this stuff, Halloween is our favorite time of year. We love dressing up and getting creepy, decorating the house, carving disturbing pumpkins and scaring the Trick or Treaters. It’s a wonderful time of year.

We also like checking out Haunted Attractions. A local place we wandered into last year was The Bates Motel, located in Glen Mills. It’s awesome. There are three main attractions; a haunted hayride, a haunted corn maze and finally the Bates Motel haunted house. You can do one two or all three of the attractions, and we ventured through all of them. Starting with the hayride into horror.

The hayride takes you along a wooded trail with haunted cottages, creepy car wrecks, and tons more, with dark phantoms and living dead zombies stalking you along the way. After the hayride you’re let off by the corn maze and can venture through their on your own, zig-zagging through scary scenes including a werewolf attack, and a huge motion activated werewolf, gnawing on a body. As you enter the scene he turns toward you and growls. Very cool effects. Enjoy the claustrophobic walk through the cramped school bus loaded with ghouls ready to pounce.

After the hayride and haunted corn maze you can take a terrified walk through the Bates Motel, perfectly appointed and decked out with amazing scenes, animatronics and real actors who scare the bejesus out of you.

Bates Motel is perfect for any horror, halloween buff who likes to get scared and see amazing effects, lighting, animatronics and and makeup.

Other haunted attractions to check out in Southeast PA and beyond are:
Pennhurst Asylum
Location: Church St & Bridge Rd, Spring City, PA

Jasons Woods
Location: 99 Stehman Road Lancaster, PA 17603 — Map

Field of Screams
Location: 191 College Ave Mountville, PA 17554 — Map

Haunted Mill Scream Park
Location: 5932 Colonial Valley Rd, Spring Grove, PA — Map