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Bigfoot Sghting in Bradford PA

The northern PA area where a couple has been hunting Bigfoot is in Potter County, PA, and they are not the same couple who took the photos of an uprooted tree in Bradford. Sandy Cramer and Justin Prouty call the Sasquatch they’ve allegedly had regular contact with, “Pops,” not “Gramps” as I ignorantly stated in my earlier post (below).

Here is a link to the full article about these Bigfoot enthusiasts.

On a side note, it’s funny to know that there is a convenience store and gas station called “Big Foot Food Store” in nearby Austin County, PA. Need to hit that place for gas and a snack on my next road trip to the Northwoods of PA to find Bigfoot.

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Bradford Bigfoot Sighting - uprooted tree stump.I’m missing out on all the good stuff. Not sure what I was doing in October of 2013 but I missed the Bradford “Bigfoot sighting” which turned out to be an uprooted tree. Recently, on Facebook, a friend of my wife posted something about a couple hunting Bigfoot in Bradfor, PA, and having some success at it apparently.

While doing some research on that — which failed, no current news — I found a story about a guy, John Stoneman, who spotted something strange, maybe a Sasquatch, back in early October of 2013. [Oh, I know why I didn’t catch this story, I was busy making props for my Halloween party!]

Anyway, Stoneman and his girlfriend allege to have seen a possible Bigfoot far off among the trees as they drove by a wooded area near Kinzua State Park. Stoneman claims it was moving, but in both photos we see no noticeable change in position. Stoneman also claims to be skeptical of these creatures.

He did make some waves though. It’s amazing how someone can just come out of the woodwork with a photo of something, claim it’s Bigfoot, and wham they’re in most major newspapers and on TV too, he we apparently even contacted by Finding Bigfoot. Do you think it has anything to do with someone looking for their 15 minutes of fame? Hmmm….

Anyway, the facebook post I read (and I’ll see if I can get more info on that and post an update) linked to an article about a couple “hunting Bigfoot” in Bradford, PA, and that they’ve even had regular encounters with a creature they have playfully named, I think, “Gramps.” Like I said, need to check my reference. It may very well be the same couple wading deeper into Bigfootdom. They caught the bug, like everybody else these days, probably watching Finding Bigfoot or some other nonsense on TV.

You know, when I was a kid Bigfoot was just a cool legend, a story. We told tales of monsters and things like this around campfires or in darkened rooms during sleepovers. Just like ghosts and UFOs. What the hell is going on these days? Sure it’s fun to share spooky stories, but the stuff is getting deep around here…

Bradford PA Bigfoot tree stump debunking photoLove Bigfoot stories. Just my two cents: I think the guy took a picture of a stump and wanted some attention. An unnamed citizen shared his photo of the same object (seen on the left), closer up and from a very clear vantage point, which plainly debunks the Stoneman pic as an upright walking, hairy primate. It’s more like a sideways laying dead tree, you can even see the tree itself lying on the ground running off frame on the left. The stuff that Stoneman claimed to be “hair” is likely just thin root strands draping down from the larger root structure, and all loaded up with soil.

It’s a tree folks.