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UFOs and Bigfoot in PA

Bigfoot Sighting a UFO art by Drew Vics

Bigfoot sightings and UFO sightings are usually separate events, but sometimes these two enduring mysteries share the uncanny stage before an audience of perplexed witnesses, occurring simultaneously, or at least near enough in time and proximity to prompt the consideration that there might be a connection.

Presque Isle State Park Photo by Robert K. Grubbs

Presque Isle State Park Photo by Robert K. Grubbs

A sighting near Erie, PA, may have been just such an event. In July, 1966, on Presque Isle State Park, a woman, Betty Jean Klem, and her boyfriend were driving through the sand and had become stuck. Their wait for help had extended beyond sunset and they watched as a strange light descended from the sky. According to Betty, the car shook as a silvery object landed nearby between two trees. Betty also reported hearing something walk on the roof of the car, and seeing a “dark, featureless creature.”

Read the full story of the sighting at the Old Time Erie Blog.

Another encounter involving a UFO and Bigfoot sighting occurred on October 25, 1973 in North Union Township, PA. A man and two boys bore witness to a UFO landing in a field. At that time they also saw two “tall, hairy bi-pedal creatures walking along a fence line.” The man shot at the object which promptly departed leaving a “luminescent ring on the ground.” According to witnesses the creatures casually turned around and returned whence they had come. The man and boys did not pursue the tall bi-pedal creatures, and apparently they were not seen again. The witnesses returned later with a state trooper and they observed that, although its intensity had dimminised, the ring where the craft had landed remained visible.

Were the two creatures innocent bystanders? Maybe they were just as astounded by the UFO as the other witnesses. They were probably also astounded to see three upright walking creatures nearby, and maybe frightened away by the explosive blast of the gun.

Read more on that bizarre encounter and other sightings in Fayette County, PA, at The PA Bigfoot Society.

We at Mysterious PA are on the lookout for others, so stay tuned. If you know of any Bigfoot and UFO combined sightings in PA be sure to comment and let us know!

911 Call for Bigfoot Proof in PA

Paint Township Bigfoot footprint - confirmed bear print by police.On May 14th Bigfoot enthusiast, John Winesickle from Paint Township, PA, dialed 9-1-1 to inform police that he had proof of the existence of Bigfoot, in the form of a foot print.

Here is a portion of the 9-1-1 call:

DISPATCHER: “He wants a police officer to come to his residence. He apparently has proof there of Bigfoot.”
OFFICER: “Bigfoot, right?”
DISPATCHER: “That’s affirmative. He has evidence proving Bigfoot.”

An officer arrived at the house and suggested the print might be that of a bear instead, not a Bigfoot, to which Winesickle replied that he could definitely tell the difference between a bear footprint and a Bigfoot print.

Police report regarding Bigfoot footprint find in Paint Township, PA. Originally posted by the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society

Originally posted on Facebook by the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society

When the story first broke rumors circulated that the 9-1-1 call was related to the shooting, and killing of a Bigfoot. The police report was presented on the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society’s Facebook page, and the report indicates that the investigating officer was only there to check a footprint claim, nothing more.

An MP3 of the 9-1-1 call can be found at DoubtfulNews.com. It’s fairly humorous, but I’m hoping charges or fines were levied against the man for wasting 9-1-1 operator time and that of the police force.