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This Month in PA Mystery History

Ring-Tailed Lemur drawing by Drew Vics 2017

Weird Creature in the Dogwood, a Mysterious Encounter from January 2012.
This encounter was reported by someone known only as Stacy L.
According to Stacy, she was lounging at home one sunny day in York, PA, watching TV when she noticed something strange as she glanced through the sliding glass door to the backyard of her home. A dogwood tree in the distance was shaking violently as if something very large was rattling it, more than just the wind.

She got up to take a closer look through the glass door and suddenly saw a large grey creature leap from the dogwood into a large adjacent pine tree. She described it as “rather large,” about the size of a fox. But the fox similarity stopped at the size. This creature was all grey accept for a long, thin tail with black and white striped fur.

The creature’s front section and head were lower than the rear end, as if it had shorter legs in the front and more powerful legs in the back, similar to a Kangaroo. Stacy mentions in her report that the creature was similar to a Lemur, but the tail was not bushy. The creature seemed very slim and agile like a cat.

Maybe it was a large cat on the loose, or maybe it was in fact an exotic animal, like a Ring-Tailed Lemur, escaped captivity somewhere nearby?
Read the full story posted by Stacy L. at Stephen Wagner’s Paranormal blog at

Dogman and Werewolf Sightings in PA

Werewolf Dogman

For some reason I enjoy reading about these dogman sightings, real or not, doesn’t matter. My first introduction to the dogman phenomenon was when I read the book Beast of Bray Road written by Linda Godfrey and published in 2003. The book presents the legend of dogmen sightings which began in Elkhorn, Wisconsin in the 1990s. A new edition was published in 2015. Not sure if it is just a republication or update with new material.

Her follow-up book, Hunting the American Werewolf, published in 2006, is also pretty entertaining, as is a 2010 publication, The Michigan Dogman: Werewolves and Other Unknown Canines Across the U.S.A., which features tales of encounters with these creatures in Michigan and elsewhere. I own each of these books and pick them up from time to time just to enjoy a little romp through spooky creatures sightings.

As we learn in Hunting the American Werewolf, sightings of these dog-men are not limited to Wisconsin or Michigan. Pennsylvania has had it’s share of strange upright walking canine encounters too. Here are a few of the more intriguing ones I’ve uncovered.

The Skinny Gargoyle Werewolf Shapeshifter
On November 20, 2011, a husband and wife driving along Mud Creek Road near Troy, PA, stopped their car when they saw a strange creature near the side of the road ahead of them. They watched as the thing, described as gargoyle like with wrinkly black skin or short hair, appeard to shape-shift into a large black wolf as it leapd 40 feet through the air, clearing the road and disappearing into the nearby woods. Read that Dogman report here along with two other weird creature sightings in PA, as reported to Stan Gordon.

The Hermit Werewolf
There is a tale of a werewolf which takes place in Northumberland, PA, an historic area founded in 1772 and located in a fork of the Susquehanna River. In 1899 some townsfolk of Northumberland suspected a local hermit as a werewolf, who allegedly killed and ate sheep in the area. After a wolf was shot and killed by a sheep hearder it is said that the dead wolf regained human form, as the hermit.

The Blair Wolf of Altoona
Before the Blair Witch there was the Blair Wolf. Late one night in Blair County, near Altoona, in the summer of 1998 two witnesses claim to have seen a large wolf-like creature standing upright along side Homers Gap Road as they drove along. The creature was described as standing over 8 feet tall with a muscular body covered in black and brown matted hair. Its eyes shone gold in the headlamps. The creature dropped to all fours and ran across the road.

Dog-Boy and Supernatural Wolfman Sightings
In the Spring of 1990 and Fall of 1991 a rash of upright canine and wolf sightings were reported near Hermitage in Mercer County, PA. Sightings of a so-called “Shenago Valley Dog-Boy” were also reported around this time. The walking wolf-like creatures were described as being 6-7 feet tall. More recently, on December 17, 2014, a similar creature was sighted by two different witnesses in separate vehicles driving toward nearby Mercer, PA.

Further east, in the area of the Moshannon State Forest, in November of 2014, a witness reported an upright walking creature with a canine snout. The creature was alleged to have stood 8-10 feet tall and was covered with short dark colored hair. The creature seemed to mysteriously appear in a clearing near the witness.

The Houtzdale Hyena
Sighting may not have been exactly in Houtzdale but it was close. Houtzdale Hyena alliteration just sounded good. This story is vaguely reminiscent of the Sites Farm Bigfoot Incident which also occurred in the summer of 1977, in Wantage, New Jersey. Although the Sites experience lasted a whole week with some large Bigfoot-like creature stalking the farm, this Pennsylvania sighting involved an upright walking canine which resembled a hyena, and lasted only one night. Though one night is enough, if you ask me, when you’re being terrorized by a strange, menacing monster dog-thing. The man of the house was apparently investigating strange noises outside when he encountered a large hyena-like beast. In a fright he high-tailed it back inside and the whole family was subsequently trapped in their home overnight as the creature remained hunkered by their back porch. I wouldn’t want to venture out there either!

Check out the PA Upright Canin/Dogman Witness Sightings Map. It’s a fun little resource for researching Dogmen and so-called werewolf sightings all around Pennsylvania.

If you’re interested in current werewolf and dogman investigations and other phantoms and monsters around PA check out the PA Lycan Investigations research.

Here is another cool book of Dogmen and other cryptid encounters, A Menagerie of Mysterious Beasts: Encounters with Cryptid Creatures. All kinds of stuff here, from North America and beyond, including werewolves, sasquatch, even stuff like thunderbird sightings.

UFOs and Bigfoot in PA

Bigfoot Sighting a UFO art by Drew Vics

Bigfoot sightings and UFO sightings are usually separate events, but sometimes these two enduring mysteries share the uncanny stage before an audience of perplexed witnesses, occurring simultaneously, or at least near enough in time and proximity to prompt the consideration that there might be a connection.

Presque Isle State Park Photo by Robert K. Grubbs

Presque Isle State Park Photo by Robert K. Grubbs

A sighting near Erie, PA, may have been just such an event. In July, 1966, on Presque Isle State Park, a woman, Betty Jean Klem, and her boyfriend were driving through the sand and had become stuck. Their wait for help had extended beyond sunset and they watched as a strange light descended from the sky. According to Betty, the car shook as a silvery object landed nearby between two trees. Betty also reported hearing something walk on the roof of the car, and seeing a “dark, featureless creature.”

Read the full story of the sighting at the Old Time Erie Blog.

Another encounter involving a UFO and Bigfoot sighting occurred on October 25, 1973 in North Union Township, PA. A man and two boys bore witness to a UFO landing in a field. At that time they also saw two “tall, hairy bi-pedal creatures walking along a fence line.” The man shot at the object which promptly departed leaving a “luminescent ring on the ground.” According to witnesses the creatures casually turned around and returned whence they had come. The man and boys did not pursue the tall bi-pedal creatures, and apparently they were not seen again. The witnesses returned later with a state trooper and they observed that, although its intensity had dimminised, the ring where the craft had landed remained visible.

Were the two creatures innocent bystanders? Maybe they were just as astounded by the UFO as the other witnesses. They were probably also astounded to see three upright walking creatures nearby, and maybe frightened away by the explosive blast of the gun.

Read more on that bizarre encounter and other sightings in Fayette County, PA, at The PA Bigfoot Society.

We at Mysterious PA are on the lookout for others, so stay tuned. If you know of any Bigfoot and UFO combined sightings in PA be sure to comment and let us know!

Bigfoot Sghting in Bradford PA

The northern PA area where a couple has been hunting Bigfoot is in Potter County, PA, and they are not the same couple who took the photos of an uprooted tree in Bradford. Sandy Cramer and Justin Prouty call the Sasquatch they’ve allegedly had regular contact with, “Pops,” not “Gramps” as I ignorantly stated in my earlier post (below).

Here is a link to the full article about these Bigfoot enthusiasts.

On a side note, it’s funny to know that there is a convenience store and gas station called “Big Foot Food Store” in nearby Austin County, PA. Need to hit that place for gas and a snack on my next road trip to the Northwoods of PA to find Bigfoot.

— Original Post —

Bradford Bigfoot Sighting - uprooted tree stump.I’m missing out on all the good stuff. Not sure what I was doing in October of 2013 but I missed the Bradford “Bigfoot sighting” which turned out to be an uprooted tree. Recently, on Facebook, a friend of my wife posted something about a couple hunting Bigfoot in Bradfor, PA, and having some success at it apparently.

While doing some research on that — which failed, no current news — I found a story about a guy, John Stoneman, who spotted something strange, maybe a Sasquatch, back in early October of 2013. [Oh, I know why I didn’t catch this story, I was busy making props for my Halloween party!]

Anyway, Stoneman and his girlfriend allege to have seen a possible Bigfoot far off among the trees as they drove by a wooded area near Kinzua State Park. Stoneman claims it was moving, but in both photos we see no noticeable change in position. Stoneman also claims to be skeptical of these creatures.

He did make some waves though. It’s amazing how someone can just come out of the woodwork with a photo of something, claim it’s Bigfoot, and wham they’re in most major newspapers and on TV too, he we apparently even contacted by Finding Bigfoot. Do you think it has anything to do with someone looking for their 15 minutes of fame? Hmmm….

Anyway, the facebook post I read (and I’ll see if I can get more info on that and post an update) linked to an article about a couple “hunting Bigfoot” in Bradford, PA, and that they’ve even had regular encounters with a creature they have playfully named, I think, “Gramps.” Like I said, need to check my reference. It may very well be the same couple wading deeper into Bigfootdom. They caught the bug, like everybody else these days, probably watching Finding Bigfoot or some other nonsense on TV.

You know, when I was a kid Bigfoot was just a cool legend, a story. We told tales of monsters and things like this around campfires or in darkened rooms during sleepovers. Just like ghosts and UFOs. What the hell is going on these days? Sure it’s fun to share spooky stories, but the stuff is getting deep around here…

Bradford PA Bigfoot tree stump debunking photoLove Bigfoot stories. Just my two cents: I think the guy took a picture of a stump and wanted some attention. An unnamed citizen shared his photo of the same object (seen on the left), closer up and from a very clear vantage point, which plainly debunks the Stoneman pic as an upright walking, hairy primate. It’s more like a sideways laying dead tree, you can even see the tree itself lying on the ground running off frame on the left. The stuff that Stoneman claimed to be “hair” is likely just thin root strands draping down from the larger root structure, and all loaded up with soil.

It’s a tree folks.

911 Call for Bigfoot Proof in PA

Paint Township Bigfoot footprint - confirmed bear print by police.On May 14th Bigfoot enthusiast, John Winesickle from Paint Township, PA, dialed 9-1-1 to inform police that he had proof of the existence of Bigfoot, in the form of a foot print.

Here is a portion of the 9-1-1 call:

DISPATCHER: “He wants a police officer to come to his residence. He apparently has proof there of Bigfoot.”
OFFICER: “Bigfoot, right?”
DISPATCHER: “That’s affirmative. He has evidence proving Bigfoot.”

An officer arrived at the house and suggested the print might be that of a bear instead, not a Bigfoot, to which Winesickle replied that he could definitely tell the difference between a bear footprint and a Bigfoot print.

Police report regarding Bigfoot footprint find in Paint Township, PA. Originally posted by the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society

Originally posted on Facebook by the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society

When the story first broke rumors circulated that the 9-1-1 call was related to the shooting, and killing of a Bigfoot. The police report was presented on the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society’s Facebook page, and the report indicates that the investigating officer was only there to check a footprint claim, nothing more.

An MP3 of the 9-1-1 call can be found at It’s fairly humorous, but I’m hoping charges or fines were levied against the man for wasting 9-1-1 operator time and that of the police force.


Monsters of Pennsylvania

Here’s a good one, and a great gift idea for anyone interested in the strange monsters and creatures that lurk in the wilderness of PA, Monsters of Pennsylvania: Mysterious Creatures in the Keystone State.

Wisconsin and Michigan have their Dogman, and Bigfoot is everywhere these days, but PA has it’s share of mysterious sightings as well, including Sea Monsters — like the Lake Eerie Monster — the Ogua, a strange turtle-like river monster of Native American lore, with two heads and a huge tail, said to haunt the Monongahela and Ohio Rivers. Mysterious Big Cats, Tommyknockers, Thunderbirds and others abound, including Bigfoot of course, and the random sighting of well known PA neighbor the Jersey Devil.